4670 Hatchery Rd
Waterford Michigan 48329
LSM Systems Engineering is a full service company for design, analysis,
manufacture, build and testing of racing, prototype, and high performance
street components.
Custom Camshafts
LSM Makes camshafts for both
rolling and sliding interfaces for
any valvetrain configuration.
We use only premium materials and advanced manufacturing
techniques to manufacture our camshafts to the highest quality level.

Most standard Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler cams are available in
stock.  We utilize ultra-precision CNC cam grinders to provide you
with the ultimate camshaft.  By utilizing CNC grinders we can grind
any profile and are not limited to a selection of masters.  A custom
ground cam can usually be shipped within 1-2 days.
Valve Springs
LSM designs and manufactures the highest performance valvesprings available for
racing, prototype and production.  To create the ultimate valvespring we utilize advanced
technology available.  This results in springs that:

Have Higher Loads - Allows for higher component acceleration
Higher Natural Frequency - Keeps the valvetrain under control
Less Load Loss - Less frequent spring changes or adjustments
Longer Life - Get more runtime on each spring reduces the cost
More Lift - Allows for higher lift in comparable packaging constraints.
Cylinder Block Machining
LSM is a parts dealer for GM, Ford, Chrysler and Dart and can get you a
very competitive price on the raw block.  From there your block will be
tolerances.  In addition to standard block machining LSM can machines
blocks for:

Optimized Geometry - Shift lifter locations for better geometry.
Big Bearing Cams - Machine the cam bore to accept bigger cams
  that make more power.
Custom Bushings - For drop-in or keyway style lifters.
Lightening - Take up to 40lb off selected blocks.
Custom Oiling - Oiling concerns addressed whenever a block is machined
Hot Honing - Hot hone the block for round bores at operating temp.
Ceramic Liners
For the ultimate in low wear and
low friction and near zero leakdown.
Lifter Bushings
lifter bushings made of high quality
Ampco bronze.  These come LSM
designs and manufactures
machine but can also be custom
manufactured and purchased

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quality roller lifter available.  
This greater than our
nearest competitor.  These
lifters are applications with
an .850 diameter wheel.
Manufacturing Billet Blocks starting at $5995
In as little as four weeks
New low cost block lightening starting at $499
Tech Sheets

The following Tech Sheets are available for download. Print, then fill out and either fax or
mail the sheets back to us.
Billet Block Tech Sheet  (pdf16k)
Camshaft Tech Sheet. pdf (13k)
Block Lightening Tech Sheet.pdf (9k)
Lightening Waiver.pdf (7K)