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Reading Your Cam Card
When you get your camshaft there should be two cam cards that arrive with the cam.  The first card summarizes
all of the cams in the order while the second card is printed for each individual camshaft.  The following page
explains what each of the numbers mean.

Summary Cam Card
The following image describes the summary cam card.
CIN#               The 4 digit camshaft identification number of the cam.  This uniquely identifies the camshaft in our

GUN               Indicates if the cam has been gun drilled (YES) or not (NO).

UGL-CODE    The UnGround Lobe code for the camshaft that identifies the block and head combination.

INTAKE          The lift profile used for lift.  It consists of a 6 digit number and some optional prefix/suffix data.
  The first three digits of the INTAKE number represent the maximum intake lift.  The next three
  digits represent the intake duration in crank degrees at .050" lift.

EXHAUST       Similar to INTAKE except that this represents the lift and duration of the exhaust profile.

CL                  The lobe center spread of the camshaft.  It represents the angle in cam degrees from the exhaust
  event to the intake event.

FIRE ORDER  The engine firing sequence for which the camshaft is intended.

BEARING        The diameter of the bearings.

TYPE              Indicates if the camshaft is an UnGround Lobe (UGL), ground cam or a regrind.

SHIP               The date that the camshaft was shipped.
Individual Cam Card
cam card but also computes the opening and closing valve events.  These events are computed with
always valid.  When timing the camshaft in the engine always use the peak lift target as determined by
two values .010-.020" down from peak lift.  The camshaft is also typically displayed with 0 degrees of
advance.  The actual installed timing of the camshaft will vary based on the application.
The following diagram graphically demonstrates the intake and exhaust valve events.