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A Diet for Your Block
Are you struggling to make your weight limit?  
Could shifting 30 lb in your car help it handle

If you answered yes to any of these
questions, then LSM’s ultimate lightening
program is what you’re looking for.  All
surfaces of the block will be lightened,
including main caps, providing the maximum
weight savings while keeping material where it
is needed for structural integrity, rigidity, and
strength wile keeping any required mounting

And like any other weight loss program, your
block becomes much more attractive after it’s
gone through our weight loss program.

After lightening weight loss can be up to 35 lb
on small blocks and up to 70 lb on big blocks.

Additional lightening can be achieved through
aluminum main caps.
Fully Profiled Lifter Valley
for strength around cam bearings, lifter bushings and the water
jacket and trimming every bit of excess material.  Think of this as
the ultimate liposuction for your block.
Front and Rear
Fully lightened.  The bell housing can be left closed or can be opened.

Fully Profiled Exterior
The outsides of the block are fully profiled.  Only the bosses that you’ll be using
will be left on the block, others will be machined away.
Cast Iron or Aluminum
Block lightening can be done for either cast iron or aluminum blocks.  Aluminum
blocks are typically utilized for the ultimate light spring car engines.

Gun Drilled Camshaft
To add to your lightening project you might want to consider a gun drilled cam.  
These cams are light, stiff, and improve valvetrain geometry and stability.
Three Levels of Lightening
Depending on your needs and budget we offer three levels of lightening.

Level 1 - The first level of lightening includes the valley and sides.

Level 2 - The second level adds lightening to the front and back of the block.

Level 3 - The third level adds lightening to the main caps.

Lightening Options
Depending on the configuration of the block we will leave the features on the block that you need and
remove the features that you're not using.  These features include:

Fuel Pump Boss
Oil Filter Boss
Valley and Side Lugs
Side Motor Mounts
Bosses for extra water

The bell housing can be opened or left sealed.

To get started, please fill out our tech sheets and lightening waivers below.
Low cost lightening starting at $499
Block Lightening Tech Sheet.pdf (9k)
Lightening Waiver.pdf (7K)